Thursday, February 13, 2014

How much trouble can you cause online before noon?

MUCH, is the correct answer.

I've been in hibernation under a rock for a year.
Not really, because that sounds lovely.
Dark coziness.  S I L E N C E.  Adequate sleep.  No stress.  Time to read.
Sign me up!
Let's blame my lazy fingers on the year long absence from blogging.
The blog thrived in my head but rarely made it to the keyboard.  It's been a private blogging party for the voices in my head.  And let me tell you, they know how to pahhhhtttay!

Today, we have a snow day in Lil' Rhody.  Which means, I will get nothing productive done.
So the most logical decision is to sit under my leopard print snuggie and entertain you all with a bunch of nonsense, while The Chicklet practices her circus tricks and watches cartoons.  A few more snow days and I will have her ready to ship off the next time the circus flies through town.

So, I get comfy, and pull up my blog site and, um......, do I log on?

I figure out the basics but quickly realize I had absolutely no idea which email account is linked to the blog.  I start with the most logical address.
Okay, so what's your password, dummy?
Yes, I am pretty sure the computer said that to me - sassy thing.

Invalid address and/or password
Invalid address and/or password
Invalid address and/or password

Okay, I will try to retrieve the information by using the cell number I probably utilized for such emergencies.

Enter text
Enter number text
*Sigh* Enter number text

Perhaps this is not the address.

Repeat all of the above a few times with different versions of what I think the email address should be.

No luck.
Add an email address possibly linked as my 'oh crap, I have no idea what I am doing!' option.
Repeat again, and again, and again.......


An hour later, remember I have a subfolder labeled 'OTHER EMAIL'.
Think about running out for a V-8, just so I can smack myself on the forehead with meaning.
Fumble through emails and FINALLY figure it all out.
And of course, the email utilized is not even close to my guesses.

I obviously manage to log on to blog - HERE I AM!

However, I expect the internet police to come take me away for trying to access several email accounts that are now obviously not mine.
If you are amongst the many that might need to create a new password because
somebody (AKA:  clueless blogger)
tried to hack (AKA:  desperately guess at information) into your account,
I apologize.
Let's just come full circle, and blame it on my lazy fingers and the paaaah-tay animal voices in my head.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogger world!!!! It's good to see you writing again!
    Hey, when the circus comes around let me know. Maybe we can get a two for one deal.