Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Put a cork in it

I've been gabbing about starting a blog for a while.
I get excited about it and then convince myself it is the ultimate act of narcissism, and put it off a little longer.  All the while, sharing tid bits of what I would have written, like a serial poster, on a certain popular social networking site.
This morning, my husband basically told me to put a cork in all the thinking and 'just do it!'.  Apparently he has watched one too many Nike commercials but I appreciate his enthusiasm and the push.

So began the process of picking the perfect Blog name.
I quickly discovered I am not half as creatively unique as I would like to think, and many names were already taken.  Technically, Wine O'Clock is taken too; but I did not find this out until after I already entered it as my blog name.  So, my apologies to the wine guy in Maine.  But it looks like he might have taken a hiatus to write about beer or rum or maybe some nice tropical drinks in Key West, because his last post was January 2010.  I think I might go unnoticed, or perhaps he will have drank enough wine to let the duplication go as a funny coincidence in life.

What's my blog about?  It's all about life....the good and the bad.  The heavy and the light.  Or should I say, the Burgundy and the Chardonnay?  From the view of a woman who went from a full time workaholic in NYC to a stay at home Mum in, well, not NYC, with faulty shock absorbers, and felt every bump in the road from there to here.  Often stopping to say 'I seriously wish this was something more people were open to talk about, because I cannot possibly be alone here', and often ending with asking.....Is it Wine O'Clock yet?

Sometimes, I will write about serious topics I feel should be much more openly discussed such as postpartum depression and fertility issues, in hope that sharing my stories will help others and break down the walls that have made us feel they are topics that should be kept hush-hush.
I am by no means a qualified psychologist.  You would not want me as your psychologist.  Seriously.  I  would have the irresistible urge to slap most clients and say 'snap out of it' or 'suck it up buttercup'.  And I failed the Fisher Price Board Exams, when I had no idea how to use the plastic neurological reflex hammer so I am definitely not able to prescribe happy pills.  But I do possess true compassion and a pure disdain for the 'Supermom Society' so many of us are compelled to try fit into.  Sure, I'd like to be a Supermom; but my cape is defective, like so many others.  Darn cheap mass produced piece of crap capes.....

Other times,  I will write about fun fluff.  Day to day things that happen to me; things to ponder; quotes from the crazy little person in my life, The Chicket...  Utterly self-absorbed narcissistic stuff.  All I can do is hope you find it chuckle worthy and perhaps it fends off the need for Wine O'Clock an extra hour or two.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing a little time with you every week, and perhaps a nice big glass of wine.


  1. Congrats...and welcome to the blogosphere! Great job on your first foray into cyberspace!!

  2. Great intro Kim!

  3. Like I've said before.....I could read your words forever. They always make me smile!