Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood, weirdos

I'm fairly sure we will not be receiving any casseroles or pies to welcome us into the neighborhood.  We might, however, receive garlic infused dishes and see the neighbors scoot quickly inside their homes.
That's because, in the two short months that we have resided in the littlest state in the union, we have secured our spot as the neighborhood weirdos.

Let me back track a little.  I am a space nerd, and am raising a space nerdette.  We've run out in all sorts of weather to see the International Space Station fly overhead, and froze our buns off to watch comet storms.
Remember the Super Moon back in March?  We bundled up, and braved the cold weather to watch the Supermoon rise on the horizon, at a local beach in southern Maine.  It was spectacular.
Maybe it was the fresh salty air, the excitement, or the car exhaust fumes from all the idling cars...we will never know... but suddenly I had the urge to howl.
Then, my little nerdette (AKA The Chicklet) decided to join in.  But in true Chicklet fashion, she had her own version and started Yip Yip Yipping at the moon.   
Yip Yip Yip.... Ahhhhwwwwooooooo!

The Chicklet and the Super Moon

As luck would have it, there was a full moon within weeks of moving in to our new abode in a lovely, well maintained, quiet development.
Less idling cars this time and more lawn chemicals.  At least that's the excuse I am going with.
I took The Chicklet out to see the beautiful full moon and she transformed into a yipping pup.  
Yip Yip Yip!  
Of course, I cannot allow her to have all the fun.... 

Then . . . I realized in horror . . .  we were not alone out in the common lawn area.  
Where are those Samantha the Witch nose twitching skills when you need them?
Please, let me disappear and let my new neighbors forget seeing the crazy people howling at the moon.  
I scurried indoors, carrying a yip yip yipping Chicklet, the entire way.

A few weeks went by, and I thought perhaps all of that nonsense was forgotten....but no.  It was not meant to be.

Picture this.... 
Two people, at dusk,
looking at a strangely colored sky.
Commenting on what it reminds us of.
Enjoying the moment with the grass between our toes and the peace and quiet. 

Then one of these people says 'I want to make a sasquatch call'
The other person (the sane one might I add) says 'PLEASE wait until I get inside'.  
With no hesitation....

I believe words about how annoying and embarrassing my husband is, and perhaps a few other unmentionable comments, were uttered as we watched a neighbor laugh at us. 
As if howling at the moon was not enough. We have surely secured our status of the neighborhood whackadoos, with this one.

I passed the woman who witnessed this, a few times, while I was out walking, and she avoids looking in my eyes and gives a nervous grin.
Does she think I might bite her and turn her into some sort of mutant creature?

Just to be sure we spread the word of our whackadoo tendencies, my husband has also emitted eardrum shattering Sasquatch calls at a local playground.  
More than once.
Yes.... more than once.

Welcome to the neighborhood, weirdos.  Sigh....is it Wine O'Clock yet?

Little Bigfoot
Mummy Bigfoot


  1. KIm, you are an amazing writer. I laughed out loud to myself so many times that my husband asked me what was up - from the other room ;)

    I can't wait to read the next post!